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1 ON 1.

Your health is important, and with so many ways to exercise and be healthy - how do you pin point what is right for you? Take the guessing out of fitness and set aside time each week to get right on the path to your health. Based on your goals and schedule, we will build a plan together that keeps you accountable each week. Accountability means finding time that fits around your schedule, and we always meet that need. Your trainer will learn what works best for you, and will stay on top of your goals as you progress. Build not only a strong relationship with an expert that will take you to your goals, but build back a relationship with your health. 

We have always heard working out with a partner brings many benefits; more accountability, the drive to work harder during workouts, cheaper individualized training. Partner training is another great style of training we offer here, and just like 1 on 1 training, partner training allows you to have that individualized fitness but with a friend or family by your side. There is no need to have any exercise or health similarities / experience, all you both need is the desire to work hard and keep each other accountable. This is a great choice for husband / wives, families, and friends! 



We offer a handful of group fitness classes for those who enjoy a community environment, but still want the individual attention a 20+ class can't always give. We make sure to keep the focus on your progression, goals and needs during our group classes. You can workout with friends & family and improve your health and fitness all in a friendly and welcoming environment!
Check out our class schedule!

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