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BK FITNESS has been created with the client in mind. As students of fitness and health, we are all looking to challenge our minds and bodies and keep things dynamic and challenging. We have taken all great tools of fitness and put them in one welcoming place. 


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Brooke Kaylor

Owner and Head Personal Trainer

- 9 years of experience

- Sports and Exercise Studies Degree 

- ACE Personal Training Certified 


I find fulfillment out of life through exploring, moving and learning. I enjoy traveling, chai tea, and my wonderful family and friends. You'll find me either at the gym, hiking through nature or reading a good book at home! 


About me;

My name is Brooke Kaylor and I'm more than a personal trainer. Here is my story.


I learned early on that we have a choice. Growing up, it becomes tough to be comfortable in our own bodies. It becomes tough to "find a path". I was on my way down a path I had little control of. My college major felt forced, my body image was never satisfied and I had a hunger for more. I set out on a path. It was not easy leaving college, leaving my major and everything I just created. I chose what felt right for me and it was the best choice I ever made. I soon found my drive, my passion, my purpose. I have a choice in my body, my mind and my spirit. I started working out, I started doing things for me. My journey has been full of ups and downs, highs and lows. I have tackled many obstacles, cycled through hundreds of diets, trends and plans. This leaves me to where I am today. Nothing feels better than hard work, dedication and self love. Self  Efficiency. We are limitless. Fearless. Unstoppable. I strive to treat my body with strength, fuel my body with nutrients and fill my heart with happiness. My journey has gave me the insight, knowledge, skills, patience and passion to help make a change. I have created this space from the ground up. A space with your goals insight, a space where you strive for excellence, not just average, and a space where you aren't limited or judged. I chose to build this. Why? Well, because we have a choice. My choice is to help, heal, coach, train and motivate others. 


This journey is my ongoing pursue of health, strength and happiness. Follow me, to follow your dreams. 


What makes me different?

I'm here to optimize your life. I'm not training for a quick solution. I'm training and coaching for peak performance. To strengthen the fundamentals of living. Youtube can teach you how to bicep curl, but it can't teach you how to find whole body awareness. I recognize that our bodies work on three very important planes. Mind, body and spirit. I recognize the importance of integration of all aspects of fitness and health. Peak performance means challenging all aspects, becoming versatile to the change around us and working to be the best we can be. We are dynamic, so let's work dynamically. Be progress. Be limitless. 


Why this applies to you:


You have a goal. Peak performance and optimal lifestyle is different for everyone. Embrace that. I will treat you like the awesome individual you are. No matter where you are in your life, I will advance on the basics, strengthen the fundamentals and help you become dynamic.  

No matter what goals you have in mind, I am here to help. I have background in a variety of styles of training, which has allowed me to create a training style that shifts and flows with that individual. I have clients of all ages, all goals, and all one common goal; to feel better and look good while doing it. 

My name is Carrie Merk and I'm more than a personal trainer. Here is my story.



Every day is another chance to get STRONGER, TO EAT BETTER,TO LIVE HEALTHIER and to be THE BEST VERSION of

YOU!! What is The Best Version of You? Everyone struggles with that question. We all want to look like those
models in those magazines. Right!? Well, that is not always possible! Let me help YOU focus on YOU! THE BEST YOU!! We all try, we all fall but we need someone there to help us get back up and back on track or maybe just to get
started on a new journey. I am here to help with that journey. I am not that perfect picture trainer in those magazines. But I am realistic. I love chocolate, I love to exercise and feeling energetic and powerful and I would really like to
help YOU develop a love for a healthy life!

My name is Carrie Merk and every day is a new chance to come and meet with me at BK Fitness!


At BK Fitness we
believe we can help you develop the BEST VERSION of YOU! Give us a try!


Carrie Merk

- Certified Trainer

- ACE Certified

-Runner & Strength Enthusiast 

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My family and my pup, Bernie brings me the most joy in life! I enjoy being a runner, indulging in good foods and enjoying the outdoors.


About me;

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